Expert Speak | Saif Mehkri, Founder & Director, Bio-gen Extracts Pvt. Ltd.

Express Pharma – Nutrify Today Boardroom Series | EP 15

Express Pharma – Nutrify Today Boardroom series offers a platform for meaningful dialogues on the vast ocean of opportunities in nutraceuticals, provided the right course is set for long and sustainable growth.

In this video, Saif Mehkri, one of the three co-founders of Bio-gen, speaks about starting from a 1000 square feet facility, with one angel investor to becoming one of India’s largest nutrition ingredients companies in 23 years. Mehkri speaks about putting consumers and their safety first, mining Ayurveda for promising leads, and then putting them through evidence-based clinical programmes, with a continuous focus on quality. He welcomes the increasing stringency of regulations as it leads to safer, more efficacious products and mentions how AI tools like Nutrify Genie are helping to design nutraceutical ingredients faster, by understanding dosages, drug interactions, and mechanisms of action, concepts that are very established in the pharmaceutical space, but at a relatively nascent stage in the nutraceuticals / functional foods space.

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