EdubioSkills launches educational products on modern biological sciences

Plans to set up product manufacturing unit in Bengaluru

Bengaluru-based educational biology startup, EdubioSkills, incubated in Bangalore Bioinnovation Center (BBC), has launched bioBox, a unique product for higher education and professional training focussed on modern biological sciences. The bioBox concept is based on a combination of biotechnology, educational technology, and Software as a Service (SAAS)-based E-learning/evaluation modules. bioBox includes three modules including a physical kit with consumables required to learn, practice and master the necessary skills in biotechnology. The second module is an online learning platform with content, training videos and peer group interactions and the third is an evaluation and reporting module.

“The focus of EdubioSkills is to bring a change in the way the skillsets in biological sciences are imparted across academia and industry. We believe that hands-on practice of skills is more important than observing a demonstration of a biotechnological method or technique. We believe that our products would support the educational, R&D and industrial on-job training programmes to provide better quality training. We not only focus on hands-on-experience, but we also provide experience and opportunity to get expected skillsets,” said Dr Prabhakar Kulkarni, Co-Founder and CEO, EdubioSkills.

“The Government of Karnataka is keen to leverage the state’s position as the innovation hub of the country by promoting startups and innovations through programmes like Elevate and Bengaluru Tech Summit. Continuous innovation is required to generate new solutions to many of the persisting problems. It is initiatives such as these that provide startups with a platform for them to excel. The aim is to encourage innovations, stimulate entrepreneurship, create technology based startups, catalyse success, provide employment opportunities and fuel economic growth,” said Dr EV Ramana Reddy, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka.

“The networking opportunities provided by the Government of Karnataka has helped us immensely with reaching out to potential customers with credibility. We expect to establish our brand across India by 2020 with colleges and universities integrating our skill-based bioboxes as part of their curriculum and we would launch our products for the global market by 2021. We are also planning to set up a manufacturing unit of our products in Bangalore. The training products that we manufacture here in Bengaluru will be sold across the world,” Dr Kulkarni added.

“Over the last few years, Karnataka has emerged as the startup capital and innovation hub of India. The Government of Karnataka is very keen to leverage that stance to further enhance its leadership position by capitalising on several key initiatives that drive innovation and entrepreneurship. It is our aim also to identify key talent and give them the required boost to scale up. As winners of Elevate 2019, the Department of IT, BT and S&T will provide EdubioSkills with funding, mentorship and incubation to scale up to the next level,” said Prashant Kumar Mishra, MD, Karnataka Innovation Technology Society.

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