Dr Reddy’s launches drug-free migraine management device Nerivio in Europe

Nerivio uses Remote Electrical Neuromodulation (REN) mechanism for acute and/or prevention migraine (with or without aura) treatment for adults and adolescents (≥ 12 years)

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories announced the launch of the drug-free non-invasive migraine management wearable device Nerivio in Germany through its step-down subsidiary betapharm. The launch marks the company’s entry into digital therapeutics in Europe. Nerivio is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), and is CE-mark certified in Europe.

Nerivio was presented in 2023 by Dr Reddy’s at the DGN Kongress organised by the German Association of Neurology in Berlin, and the 17th European Headache Congress held in Barcelona, Spain. Dr Reddy’s will present and launch Nerivio during the Neurological Association of South Africa annual congress on April 17, 2024, in the presence of Dr Stewart Tepper, Professor of Neurology at the Geisel School of Medicine – Dartmouth, and Vice President, New England Institute for Neurology and Headache. In May 2024, Nerivio will also be presented at International Headache Society 2024 iHEAD meeting in Berlin, Germany. In subsequent months, Dr. Reddy’s will launch Nerivio in Spain and the UK.

Last year, Dr Reddy’s entered into an exclusive agreement with Theranica, a prescribed digital therapeutics company developing advanced neuromodulation devices for migraine and other pain conditions, for the marketing and distribution of Nerivio in multiple markets.

Dr Reddy’s launched Nerivio in India in 2023. In India, Nerivio is supported by Dr Reddy’s patient support programme called ‘M-Free’.

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