Doceree introduces AI-powered Insights for pharma marketers

Doceree Insights is available for healthcare marketers across the globe

Doceree has unveiled its new offering-Insights. Inspired by tools like ChatGPT, this solution aims to transform the way pharma marketers access and interpret data. As the latest addition to the suite of AI-powered tools on the platform, Insights will empower healthcare marketers with a game-changing approach to analytics, making it easier to unravel crucial business insights from marketing campaigns. 

Doceree developed Insights to simplify the analytics process with on-demand access to vital information quickly and effortlessly. With Insights, pharma marketers can explore all their campaign data by posing campaign related questions directly to the platform and receive data-driven answers in the form of interactive, exportable data visualisations. Leveraging Doceree’s HCP identity-resolution technology Espyian, Insights is designed to make data and analytics easily accessible and on-demand, that was previously fragmented and complex.  

Using artificial intelligence, Insights harnesses the power of natural language processing (NLP) to interpret and understand pharma marketers’ questions and get them the answers they seek. Insights eliminates the need to sift through static charts and predefined dashboards that often hinder quick and efficient data exploration. The interactive, AI-powered tool also allows users to export and incorporate the right data and visualisations into their own branded presentations, making it easier for marketers to tell their story with data.  

 “Doceree is committed to finding the bottlenecks in pharma messaging and bridging them with its AI-powered, category-focused platform and end-to-end solutions that allow pharma marketers to activate top-performing campaigns, while also effectively tracking their KPIs. With our new offering- Insights, we are set to revolutionize healthcare marketing analytics, making data-driven decisions for pharma marketers, as easy as asking a question,” said Harshit Jain MD, Founder & Global CEO, Doceree. 


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