DGFT issues clarification on export restrictions for alcohol sanitisers

Other products falling under the same ITC HS code are allowed to be exported

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), the Department of Commerce under the Government of India has issued a clarification informing that export restrictions are only for alcohol-based sanitisers.

Reportedly, the clarification was issued after the government noticed that customs authorities were restricting the exports of many other products with similar ITC HS codes.

The clarification states that the notification no 53 dated March 24, 2020, is amended so that only alcohol-based hand sanitisers falling under any ITCHS code as well as under HS codes of ex3004, ex3401, ex3402 and 380894 are prohibited. Other products falling in the same ITC HS codes are permitted for export.

However, the industry was expecting some relief for export of isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol.

An industry insider said, “We have been trying to explain to the government, that we have enough availability of ethyl alcohol in the country. We were expecting some relief/clarification from the government on lifting the export restriction of certain sanitisers.”

Earlier, a few pharma associations had made a representation to the government authorities, requesting permission for export of ethanol-based sanitisers.


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