DDCR in research collaboration with RBPL

To explore new possibilities in diabetes research

The Drug Discovery Research Centre (DDRC), a niche centre of the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, and Revelations Biotech Pvt Ltd (RBPL), a Hyderabad-based research and development company have entered into a research collaboration to develop new approaches for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.

The DDRC-RBPL collaboration will focus on addressing these needs through two separate programmes. The goal of one of these programme is to develop a data-based software package that will not only identify individuals/youth who are becoming susceptible to diabetes, but also predict the future course of disease in those who are already diabetic. It is anticipated that the advance warning provided by such a system will allow the target individuals to pre-emptively make the appropriate lifestyle alterations so as to mitigate disease development, and prevent its progression.

The second programme is to develop a new drug that will prevent re-absorption of glucose in the kidneys. This re-absorption process contributes to maintaining the high glycemic levels in diabetics. Inhibition of this process by an effective drug therefore will lead to a significant lowering of the blood glucose level.

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