DBT invites LoI to set up Virtual Network Centers in cancer immunology and immunotherapy

Calls on scientists and researchers to create a centralised platform and work together to develop and actualise a cancer research agenda

DBT has invited Letters of Intent (LoI) in the area of cancer immunology and immunotherapy from eligible scientists and clinicians for setting-up of Virtual Network Centers (VNCs) for a period of five years. The objective is to create a centralised platform for sharing concepts and resources bringing in the complementary expertise of the individual PIs from different organisational settings and partnering scientific institutions to work together to develop and actualise a cancer research agenda.

The purpose is to connect competence in Basic Biology/Clinical Research/Technology Development around “Thematic Research” such as:

  • Unravelling the immunosuppressive microenvironment in cancer and development of strategies to overcome them.
  • Identification and characterisation of newer regulatory pathways for an effective immune response.
  • Top-down approach for identifying the value of repurposed drugs to act as checkpoint inhibitors, including phase 2 clinical trial.
  • Development of novel vectors for CAR-T cell therapies.
  • Development of bispecific monoclonal antibodies and Bispecific T cell engagers (BiTEs) for cancer immunotherapy
  • In vivo priming and maturation of dendritic cells for boosting immune response.
  • NK cell-based immunotherapy including amplification of NK cell numbers for therapeutic use.
  • Metronomic chemotherapy to boost immunotherapeutic effects.
  • Model pre-clinical systems for rapid translation of cellular therapies into clinical trials.
  • Overcoming constraints in cellular immunotherapy in solid tumours.
  • Deeper understanding of the T and B cell physiology, subsets and use for cancer therapy.

Clinical researchers/basic scientists/pharmacologists/healthcare experts with the skills to carry out the proposed research can submit the LoI with a maximum limit of 1000 words through their institution/organisation/university.

It should comprise the following details:

  1. The current strength of the lab/individual as indicated by the published work in the proposed area of investigation
  2. A broad outline of the VNCs/Theme for the furtherance of the proposed research (500 words)
  3. Partnerships and Collaborations
  4. Objectives/Activities to be undertaken under VNCs
  5. National Status
  6. International Status
  7. Key support required (lab modulation/ equipment/ personnel/ facility)
  8. Approximate Budget: (Separate budget for each collaborator, if applicable)
  9. Background of Investigator/Each partner as relevant to the proposed research (250 words)

The last date for submitting the LoIs is June 10, 2020.

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