Cole-Parmer is now Antylia Scientific

Antylia Scientific  plans to  expand the company's organic product research and development capabilities and acquire complementary products and companies

Cole-Parmer Instrument Company has now become Antylia Scientific. It is a provider of peristaltic and single-use bioprocessing solutions, and has a diverse portfolio of life sciences and diagnostic products for the pharma, biopharma, healthcare, and environmental markets.

“Antylia Scientific (An-til-e-a) will continue to build on the platform of unique products and expert customer support by expanding the company’s organic product research and development capabilities and acquiring complementary products and companies, ” informed a company statement.

“The evolution as a provider of mission-critical products to the customers in their quest to discover and manufacture new therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostic tests have led to creating Antylia Scientific,” said Bernd Brust, Chairman & CEO, Antylia Scientific.

Antylia Scientific is creating two operating divisions, bioprocessing and life sciences. The bioprocessing portfolio includes MasterflexI/P, L/S, B/T, Ismatec and Reglo range of peristaltic pumps, the MasterflexLive connected products, pump and transfer tubing, flow meters and single-use components and assemblies. Masterflex addresses the entire fluid path from research to production with a solution set developed for the specific needs of the bioprocessing, pharma and food and beverage customers.

The life sciences portfolio includes brands such as environmental sampler and tester, Environmental Express; real-time monitoring and cold storage solution at Traceable; standards and external diagnostic control products, SPEX and ZeptoMetrix; and lab essentials and consumables brand Cole-Parmer.

Jon Salkin, President, Antylia Scientific said, “Antylia Scientific will serve as a catalyst for further organic investment and acquisitions in the burgeoning life sciences and environmental markets.”


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