Cipla appoints Samina Vaziralli onto the Board of Directors

Vaziralli brings diverse experience of working in the US, the UK, and more recently India

Cipla has appointed Samina Vaziralli as Executive Director on its board. Vaziralli is the daughter of MK Hamied, Vice Chairman of the Board of Cipla. She is part of the core leadership team and has been with the company since 2011. Vaziralli brings diverse experience of working in the US, the UK, and more recently India.

She has been responsible for successfully incubating and shaping Cipla’s Consumer Healthcare business as part of Cipla New Ventures. She has also recently taken on an expanded role leading global strategic alliances and enabling Cipla’s people strategy and leadership development.

Welcoming her appointment as a Director, Adil Zainulbhai, Independent Director and Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Cipla said, “I am delighted to welcome Samina to the Board. She will reinforce the commitment and continuity of the Hamied family’s involvement in Cipla. She will help drive Cipla to achieving its strategic vision.”

On her appointment to the Board, Vaziralli said, ‘’I am happy to be in position to contribute to steering Cipla as a member of the Board at this exciting moment. Cipla has made huge strides in the last couple of years in taking the business and the brand into new areas and I look forward to working with our leadership team on executing our strategy.”

The Board of Directors of the Company also approved the divestment of its consumer healthcare business to a wholly owned subsidiary that is proposed to be incorporated. This development gives scope to develop the division as a strong, customer focussed business with operational independence and the ability to attract and develop expertise which is more FMCG-oriented.

The vision is to improve the lives of Indian consumers, making full use of Cipla’s strengths in bringing good science to good medicine, while also leveraging its market outreach and equity with the Indian healthcare system. The business will focus on opportunities arising from the shift towards wellness and self-care.

Commenting on these developments Subhanu Saxena, Managing Director and Global Chief Executive Officer, Cipla said, “I am personally delighted at having Samina on the Board as she will contribute greatly to the strategic direction of the company. I am also very pleased that the Company is making such a positive move into the consumer healthcare space. There is a very good opportunity for Cipla, a Company which has contributed immensely to patient health, to also contribute to patient wellness. The over-the-counter business means that we can speak to the patient directly and help them to foster good health and illness prevention.”

This division recently launched its first product Nicotex, a gum which helps smokers quit the habit.

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