Cambrian Biopharma announces licensing agreement to develop selective mTOR inhibitors

mTOR inhibitors prevent age-related physiologic decline and lengthen healthspan 

Cambrian Biopharma yesterday announced a licensing agreement with Novartis to advance novel, selective compounds designed and characterised by Novartis to target the mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway. The licensed assets are structural analogs of the FDA-approved drug rapamycin, which has been shown to prevent or reverse multiple age-related health deficits in mice and extend their average lifespan by up to 31 per cent, Cambrian Biopharma informed via a statement.

According to the statement, under the terms of the agreement, Cambrian acquired exclusive, worldwide rights to the assets, while Novartis received an upfront payment and is entitled to royalties and milestone payments for successfully commercialised medicines. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“Although mTOR inhibitors are the best validated therapeutic targetting aging biology, their potential benefits for human aging are just beginning to be explored. The assets we have in-licensed from Novartis will allow us to do a thorough assessment of the safety and efficacy of mTOR inhibitors in aging-related conditions in humans with the ultimate goal of extending healthy lifespan,” said Dr Joan Mannick, CEO, Tornado Therapeutics, in the statement.

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