Cadila Pharma organises IAMICON 2014 conclave

Focused on TB and cardiovascular diseases the conclave covered 50 cities; engaged with 20,000 medical professionals

Cadila Pharmaceuticals has organised IAMICON 2014 (Indravadan Ambalal Modi Innovation Conclave), scientific conclave for celebrating Innovation and Excellence in the pharmaceuticals and life sciences sector. Covering 50 cities across India, IAMICON 2014 focused on advances in the treatment of tuberculosis and cardiovascular diseases. Cadila Pharmaceuticals is also committed to Government of India’s ‘TB-Mission 2020’, which seeks to eliminate Tuberculosis from the country.

Conceived to celebrate Innovation and Excellence in the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences sector, IAMICON brought together the world’s brightest minds in medical science and discussed and disseminated the latest updates in science and medicine.

Dr Rajiv Modi, Chairman and Managing Director, Cadila Pharmaceuticals said, “India’s pharma sector has creditable contribution in providing affordable medicines to patients in India and across the globe. There have been bright sparks of innovation in our country, which have not received due attention. By showcasing such efforts every year and promoting the spirit of Indian innovation, IAMICON seeks to pay eternal tribute to Founder-Chairman Indravadan Ambalal Modi, the legendary Medicine Man of India. In his perennial quest for making medicines affordable to the last man in the society, he accorded highest importance to research and innovation. He put in path-breaking efforts to have process patents recognised and his initiatives culminated in the amended Indian Patents Act, 1970, which recognised process patents and helped pioneer India’s generics industry.”

Launched on November 14 at New Delhi, IAMICON 2014 held across the country on November 14-15-16 and November 21-22-23 in 50 cities across India. More than 300 national and international speakers and 20,000-plus doctors participated in India’s biggest medical knowledge conclave.

Amongst the leading R&D companies in India, Cadila Pharmaceuticals has focused on providing innovative solutions for human healthcare. The company has a noteworthy track record of launching many first-in-the-world innovative products such as Polycap (5-in-1 polypill for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases) and risorine (innovative solution to treat tuberculosis). In 2013, the company introduced Mycidac-C – the world’s first active immunotherapy for lung cancer at almost one-tenth the cost of those made by multinational companies.

“Besides the latest updates in medical science, IAMICON 2014 also spotlight the work of some eminent practitioners who have focused on advancements in treating TB and Cardiovascular Diseases. Through the ‘Indravadan Ambalal Modi Academic Excellence Awards’, IAMICON also felicitated bright doctors with excellent academic performance in their post-graduate medical studies,” revealed Modi.

IAMICON platform also spread the message of eradicating Tuberculosis from India and is committed to support Government of India’s ‘TB-Mission 2020’. Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd is among the few companies worldwide that have continued to invest in R&D to eliminate this deadly disease. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 480,000 people developed Multi-Drug Resistant TB and an estimated 210,000 died from it in 2013. TB is considered one of the largest global killers, with India reporting 230 cases per 100,000 people.

Many reputed speakers from the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare sectors participated and shared their valuable insights during IAMICON 2014. Professor Brendan Madden, Director, Endobronchial Intervention and Pulmonary Hypertension Services (UK); Mr Kenneth J Giacin, Chairman, StemCyte Inc. (USA); Dr Wise Young, Chief Science & Medical Advisor, StemCyte Inc. (USA); Professor Sir Anthony Coates, Founder, Helperby Therapeutics Ltd (UK); and Dr. Nikhil Parchure, Consultant Cardiologist (UK) were the keynote speakers, amongst several other speakers of national eminence, at the Conclave.

EP News Bureau– Mumbai

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