Beckman Coulter & Express Pharma organise seminar in Baddi

The seminar on ‘Importance of impurities profiling and formulation stability studies in regulated pharma environment’ was attended by more than 80 delegates

Prathiba Raju-Baddi

Pure water plays a crucial role in pharma and bio-pharma manufacturing process as presence of bacteria and other organic compounds in water can cause failure in filtration, storage and other components and systems. Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysers which conduct the standard test for quality is one of the significant component which ensures the quality of water used in pharma and bio-pharma products. Highlighting the importance of TOC analysers, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences recently hosted a seminar on ‘Importance of impurities profiling and formulation stability studies in regulated pharma environment’ in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

Matt Harle

Organised by Express Pharma, the seminar witnessed participation of over 80 delegates, which included plant heads, quality control officers, quality assurance managers, project heads, scientific officers and engineering heads from various pharma companies. The seminar began with a welcome address by Express Pharma correspondent. A presentation by Matt Harle, Senior Manager, Field Marketing, Particle and Automation products at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences followed.

Mark said, “In pharma industry, high purity water is a key ingredient that is used throughout the production processes, purity of the water helps to eliminate the impact that bacteria and other organic compounds may have on the quality of product.

Unlike others Anatel TOC analysers not just helps with water purity but helps to improve compliance, get better data integrity and reduce operating costs.”

Neeraj Khurana

Explaining about Anatel TOC Analysers, Mark informed that it is a fully complaint and a unique solution that has UV detector combined with auto-switching main and standby UV lamps, which means even if one fails there is another one and there is no need to stop the production, as the instrument continues to run, and is still compliant.

Tulasi Krishna

“Anatel is the first company to produce the online TOC analysers, which was initially used in semiconductor industry, but when the pharma industry realised that online TOC analysers exists they were interested in using it. With increasing interest by the pharma manufacturers we further developed the A643 analysers as per the needs of the pharma industry in late 1990s. In my view the Anatel TOC analysers are dynamic analysers with significant benefits. We are very optimistic that many Indian pharma companies will use this advanced TOC analysers,” Mark added.

He also added that the Anatel TOC analysers is a genuine walk away method, where the technicians have to just load the standards, hit the start keys and walk away.

Tulasi Krishna, Sales Leader- Particle Business, Beckman Coulter, pointed out the unique points of the Anatel TOC analysis in pharma waters. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Neeraj Khurana, Head Marketing, Beckman Coulter. The delegates also got an opportunity to see online TOC Analysers equipment and discuss on the unique features with their peers at the networking dinner that followed the event.