Aurobindo Pharma posts Rs 3320.4-crore total operating income at Q1/FY2015-16

Profit after tax after minority interest was at Rs 432.4 crores

Aurobindo Pharma has posted the unaudited consolidated financial highlights for Q1 FY2015-16. Total operating income was up by 14.1 per cent to Rs 3320.4 crores. The operating profit (EBIDTA) before Fx was at 21.8 per cent. Operating profit (EBIDTA) before Fx was up10.1 per cent to Rs 724.7 crore. Profit before tax before Fx up by 15.1 per cent to Rs 643.8 crores. Profit after tax after minority interest was at Rs 432.4 crores, basic and diluted EPS was at Rs 14.81 and Rs 14.80. Formulation sales was up by 15.9 per cent to Rs 2637.1 crores.    API sales was up by 7.9 per cent to Rs 723 crores. Formulations sales constitute 78.5 per cent and API 21.5 per cent of gross sales.

An interim dividend of Rs 0.50 per equity share of Rs 1 has been approved by the board for the year 2015-16.

N Govindarajan, Managing Director, Aurobindo Pharma, said, “We are pleased to initiate the year with broad-based growth across most business verticals. We continue on our efforts towards higher degree of differentiation including speciality generics and active pharmaceutical.”

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