Aseptic BioProcess Equipment Manufacturer: NVS Vishal, Business Development Executive, Omega Scientific Instruments

Beginning his presentation, NVS Vishal, Business Development Executive, Omega Scientific Instruments, informed about the company’s expertise in the pharma industry, which comprises consulting, designing, building, support and supply. He suggested that Omega Scientific Instruments’s product profile can be split mainly into two categories: bioprocess equipment for asceptic processing (mixing vessels, pressure vessels, compounding vessels, holding tanks, receiving vessels, fermenters, etc.) and purifed water and WFI generation and distribution systems, along with PSGs and MCDP.

He also mentioned about the company’s in-house automation department, while saying that it understands process requirements, sophistication of automation, ladder logic development, etc., and is associated with companies like Schneider, Mitsubishi, Siemens, etc.

Later on, talking about fermenters and bioreactors, he said that the company has got process knowledge not just for fabrication of the fermenter, but also for installation and commission, and does handholding from R&D to pilot scale and industrial production.

He then talked about filtration systems – micron filter housings: air, vent, liquid; membrane filter holders and cartridges; horizontal and vertical autoclaves; and PW/WFI generation and distribution for water systems. Omega’s purified water systems are designed to deliver the highest quality of water as per USP PFW standards with the low operational and maintenance, he added.

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