16th CPHI & PMEC India 2023 redefines pharma landscape

South Asia’s largest Trade Fair for pharma brought together over 50,000 visitors from across the globe, more than 1,500 exhibitors showcasing 10,000+ products and representation from over 80 countries

Initiating a groundbreaking expedition to reshape the landscape of pharma manufacturing, CPHI & PMEC India 2023 commenced yesterday at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR. Mirroring the trajectory of the flourishing Indian pharma sector, this 16th edition stands as the largest yet, poised to revolutionise the pharma industry.

It provides an unparalleled platform for stakeholders to participate in extensive dialogues covering pharma machinery, packaging, analytical instruments, laboratory technologies, equipment, ancillaries, ingredients, and beyond.

The 16th edition of CPHI & PMEC India builds on the success of the Pharma Leaders’ Golf and the CPHI Pre-Connect Congress just prior to the show. Themed “Integrate Innovation, Sustainability, and Growth,” this edition aimed to align and shape the roadmap for the next decade of Indian Pharma.

The signature trade expo, South Asia’s largest and most comprehensive pharma congregation, brought together a vast assembly of industry experts, top manufacturers, the buyer’s community, policy advisors, and key stakeholders, uniting suppliers, innovators, and pharmaceutical leaders.

The grand inauguration ceremony was marked by the presence of key dignitaries Dr Veeramani S.V, Vice-Chairman PHARMEXCIL; Harish Jain, President FOPE; Raja Bhanu, Executive Director PHARMEXCIL, Margaret Ma, President & CEO – Informa Markets Asia; Chris Eve, Executive. Vice President – Informa Markets Asia; Adam Anderson, Executive Vice President – Pharma, Informa Markets; Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, Informa Markets in India; Rahul Deshpande, Senior Group Director, Informa Markets in India, and Ranjith Paul, Group
Director, Informa Markets in India.

Highlighting the robust growth of the Indian pharmaceutical industry, Dr S.V. said, “The Indian pharma industry is on a compelling growth trajectory, evidenced by an 8 per cent year-to-date increase in exports and a remarkable 29 per cent surge in October alone. This growth is propelled by expanding market opportunities, heightened demand in the USA, and critical shortages of medicines in the US and Europe. Despite challenges in CIS countries, the global reception of Indian pharma remains positive. The domestic market has exhibited impressive growth, exceeding 10 per cent. Driven by this momentum, I am confident in reaching the 130 billion mark by 2030, advocating for a consistent 10 per cent growth in both domestic and export markets. Expos like CPHI & PMEC India are instrumental in propelling our industry forward, fostering innovation, and reinforcing India’s position on the global pharma stage.”

Sharing insights on the forward-looking stance Anil Matai, Director General, OPPI said, “While discussions revolve around India’s pharma landscape in 2030, our industry is visionary, setting its sights on India in 2047. Aligned with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s concept of Amrit Kal, we anticipate a trajectory of sustained growth. Exceeding the projected $130 billion mark, the Department of Pharmaceuticals (DOP) envisions an ambitious $200 billion goal.
Achieving this necessitates regulatory reforms to foster industry growth, address patient needs, and promote disruptive innovation, as we learned from the pandemic. Regarding the pharmaceutical sector’s outlook, we foresee stable double-digit growth, around 13-14 per cent, conditional on consistent policies that streamline doing business. CPHI serves as a crucial platform to deliberate on achievements, challenges, and influence regulators for favourable business conditions.”

The current edition is estimated to boast over 50,000 visitors and 1,500 exhibitors from 80+ countries, showcasing a diverse range of 10,000+ products. Their collective presence emphasizes the significance of CPHI & PMEC India as a pivotal industry event, reinforcing its role in boosting and facilitating the pharmaceutical sector.

The CPHI and PMEC India Expo is comprehensively supported by industry associations such as BDMA (Bulk Drug Manufacturing Association), FOPE (Federation of Pharma Entrepreneurs), KDPMA (Karnataka Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers’ Association), OPPI (Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India), and PharmExcil.

Addressing the opportunities in this sector, Mudras said, “India’s pharma prowess, contributing a formidable 20 per cent to global exports, achieved a remarkable USD 25.3 billion (Rs 2.1 lakh crores) in the 2022–2023 fiscal year. Robust R&D investments from both domestic and international players drive innovation, a pivotal force propelling market expansion. With government backing, exemplified by Rs 5,000 crores in R&D incentives, India emerges as a key leader in global healthcare development. The CPHI & PMEC India Expo, along with ancillary events during the India Pharma Week, stands as a premier global platform, fostering connections and collaborations within the pharma community. This year, hosting the largest-ever expo edition, it symbolises India’s ascent as a monumental pharma superpower.”

Following the last two days precursors to the expo, The Pharma Leaders’ Golf at the renowned Jaypee Wishtown Golf Course that brought together around 40 esteemed pharma leaders for informal networking amid a round of golf and the Pre-Connect Congress, which drew in 150 pharma professionals with insights from 20 distinguished speakers, the prestigious ‘India Pharma Week’ was unveiled.

This curated series of exclusive events aims to captivate industry leaders and experts through diverse formats. As CPHI & PMEC India presents the latest technological advancements, the meticulously designed Pharma Leaders’ Roundtable emerged as a platform to explore innovations within the pharma sector. The focus of the talks was on charting a path for Indian pharma companies to attain global leadership by generating substantial value. Delving into crucial topics, the discussions centred around ‘Strengthening pharmaceutical innovation for broader reach, addressing unmet clinical needs, and embracing next-generation possibilities,’ as well as ‘Revolutionising packaging, ensuring market access, and enhancing drug affordability.





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