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Amanta Healthcare launches SteriPort


SteriPort, the new generation IV fluid system, is compatible with most of the oncology products for IV administration

Amanta Healthcare, manufacturer of sterile dosages covering critical care, fluid therapy, respiratory care and eye care products, has launched SteriPort – a new generation IV fluid system.

SteriPort is a novel packaging concept. It has high sterility assurance level (sterilised at 121 degrees C), is as transparent as a glass container and has two port closure systems. Moreover, the product and the process meet the global standards like Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PIC/s) and European Pharmacopeia (EP) on critical aspects like container integrity, drug delivery compliances and drug compatibility.

The unique feature of SteriPort is that it is compatible with most of the oncology products for IV administration, which is not the case with polyethylene (PE) bottles.

SteriPort – is made of Random Co-Polymer (RCPP). This polymer resists temperature up to 125 degree C. It has superior tensile strength, optical and barrier property.

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