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Alniche has planned to enter contract manufacturing through EffiKasia Lifesciences

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Girish Arora, Founder and MD, Alniche Lifesciences shares the company’s plans and strategies to expand the business and increase profit margins, with Usha Sharma

Give us details about Alniche Lifesciences and its ongoing activities

Alniche’s path to success commenced in 2007, and within one decade of its operations, it achieved ambitious milestones. With a strong product portfolio, both domestic as well as those licensed from global pharma, Alniche fulfils the unmet needs of patients in the areas of nephrology, critical care, gastroenterology, dermatology, advanced wound care and neuro-psychiatry.

Recently, the company ventured into manufacturing with EffiKasia Lifesciences. Why did you take this step?

Alniche has been acing through its ventures since its inception. Adding to the list is a recent initiative – EffiKasia Lifesciences. The newly established st