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ACG’s Clean Label Project accreditation could set a trend in post Covid-19 era

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In tune with growing consumer sentiment for boosting immunity with food and dietary supplements, ACG’s efforts to bring healthy, safe, simplified and transparent labelled products to the market achieved an important milestone recently, when they reportedly became the world’s first capsules to receive a certification of compliance from the Clean Label Project for its ACGcapsTM H+ capsules. Selwyn Noronha, CEO, ACG Capsules elaborates on the significance of this accreditation and on the company’s strategy to emerge as a trendsetter in the post-COVID-19 era

What is the significance of this certification of compliance from Clean Label Project for ACGcapsTM H+?

ACG Capsules is the world’s first and only capsule manufacturer to have a certified ‘Clean Label’ product. The certificate received for ACGcapsTM H+ is proof of a pure, simple, safe, healthy, contaminant-free product. The certifying body – Clean Label Project (CLP) is known to test and only then certify the products as Clean label. Their testing is renowned for being strict and comprehensive, covering over 400 industrial and environmental contaminants, in addition to the food safety requirements laid out by the USFDA. The test results are evaluated against ‘Prop 65’ aimed to protect products from contaminants known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Is ACG applying for the same for other capsules?

We are evaluating our products to see if they comply with the requirements of CLP as it is ACG’s endeavour to bring healthy, safe, simplified and transparent labelled products to the market.

How has COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown impacted ACG in terms of production, etc.?  Was the company able to work more or less as normal because it was part of essential services? 

The rising severity of the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide has caused unforeseen disruptions to people’s lives and businesses. People across the globe are relying more on pharma and dietary supplement industry to answer their health and immunity needs in the grip of a medical crisis. Now, more than ever, pharma and health nutritional companies across the globe need reliable partners who can ensure steady supplies of products. ACG Capsules has always been a reliable partner to our esteemed customers across the globe and had gone the extra mile to ensure that our customers were and are at ease with capsules supplies during this taxing time. We, at ACG Capsules, are committed to making a healthier world with and through our customers. We knew our responsibilities as a dependable partner in times of this crisis. Globally, all our factories were and are operational round-the-clock without any disruption to production while maintaining recommended guidelines to ensure hygiene and biosecurity. Therefore, it is natural for our customers to be confident of “no