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Thermo Fisher Scientific opens IT TDC in Bangalore


Thermo Fisher Scientific has opened its new Technology Development Center (TDC) in Bangalore. The facility will serve as an extension of Thermo Fisher’s information technology team while enhancing its responsiveness to the needs of customers worldwide.

“The newly-built centre will house more than 180 IT professionals who will help grow our technology and operational excellence and provide support to Thermo Fisher’s global IT services,” said Manoj Prasad, Vice President, Information Technology, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Thermo Fisher continues to invest in India as an IT hub, both for highly-skilled professionals and innovative technology, and plans to expand the TDC to more than 250 employees over the next year. The TDC will leverage technology platforms such as cloud, J2EE, SAP, E1, Informatica, testing, web and database.

“The opening of the global technology centre in Bangalore marks a key milestone in Thermo Fisher’s journey to enhance what is already a world-class IT division,” said Amit Chopra, Managing Director and Vice President/General Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific India.

“We have more than 50 technology experts who provide unique individual knowledge while maintaining their focus on Thermo Fisher’s mission of enabling our customers to make the world healthier, safer and cleaner,” said Ashish Shah, Leader, TDC IT India, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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