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Testo automates temperature and humidity monitoring in cold chain



Testo, a measurement technology manufacturer, offers cold chain management professionals an efficient solution for automatic monitoring and documentation of temperatures and humidity values in all refrigerated rooms and across the cold chain. The innovative monitoring system testo Saveris 2 saves staff from reading out and documenting the individual measurement data, simplifying the assurance of high product quality.

20151215ep70In order to guarantee the quality and shelf-life, and to comply with legal hygiene standards, perishable products such as food and pharma products need to be stored and processed under constantly perfect climatic conditions. Thanks to the cloud-based application, the Wi-Fi data logger system- testo Saveris 2 allows to keep the temperature and humidity values in all refrigerated rooms and displays under control everywhere and at all times, without any ongoing work procedures. Once the system is installed, it monitors and documents the ambient temperatures fully independently. The measurement data are directly transmitted to the online data store, the Testo Cloud, by wireless LAN, where they can be called up, managed and analysed online by the user via smartphone, tablet or PC absolutely anywhere and anytime. This uninterrupted and exact documentation allows the stringent HACCP standards to be adhered to. Another important advantage of the system is that if an upper or lower temperature or humidity limit is exceeded, the user is immediately provided with an alarm by e-mail, or optionally by SMS. The system can be easily and quickly installed. For the use of the cloud, customers can choose between the free basic or the more comprehensive advanced functionality, depending on their requirements.

This new Wi-Fi data logger system, Testo Saveris 2, has replaced time-consuming manual data monitoring and documentation.

20151215ep71Testo also offers a solution for reliable cold chain monitoring during transport. With the new data loggers testo 184, every step of the cold chain can be monitored. The loggers travel on the user’s behalf in freight and loading rooms, monitoring temperatures during the transport of sensitive goods on rail, in air or on the road. At the destination, it can be seen at a glance whether the configured limit values have been adhered to. In order to obtain detailed information, it is sufficient to connect the logger to a PC and a PDF report is immediately generated with all the relevant data.

These loggers are pre-configured and operated with just a ‘Start’ and a ‘Stop’ button. No measurement experts are required for their operation. A simple logistic operator can also manage the start and stop of a measurement cycle.

Furthermore, it requires no software download, no installation for accessing the data. The sender of the package is geographically somewhere different than the receiver of the package. In such cases, any USB cable needs to be plugged to the computer and the data can be accessed. A PDF/A report with the transport data is created immediately on connection of the testo 184 data logger to the USB interface of a computer. All testo 184 data loggers can be read out on site also with an NFC-capable Android smartphone.

Use and throw version of these loggers further eliminate the trouble of sending the logger back to the sender, especially during exports.

Testo also offers a special data logger for dry ice applications — testo 184 T4. Dry ice (-80 ° C) is used for transport especially in the pharma industry, for example when transporting blood plasma, organs, virus, scientific material, etc. testo 184 T4 logger housings are made out of a special ABS polymer that can survive in such low temperatures. The extremely cold conditions are also very harsh for the batteries. Nevertheless testo 184 T4 batteries can hold for 100 days at -80 °C.

testo 184 data loggers are compliant to the most important standards for the transport of pharmaceuticals and food products, namely, GxP (GMP, GLP & GDP), 21 CFR Part 11, HACCP and EN 12830.

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