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Singhania Tabletting celebrates 50 years


The company brings all companies under one brand, Singhania Tableting

Singhania Tabletting is a group of companies comprising Adept, Concept Engineering, Imperial Pharmachine and Pharmachine India. The group was formed in 1968 on a commitment to provide high quality tablet compression tooling to the pharmaceutical industry. The group is recognised for manufacturing punches and dies for tablet compression with high precision and accuracy, and has emerged as the most reputed manufacturer of tablet compression tooling in India.

On the occasion of 50th anniversary, the company has brings all companies under one brand, Singhania Tableting.

Singhania Tabletting is the only Indian manufacturer to be mentioned as a Reviewer/ Contributor in TSM (Tabletting Specification Manual). The client list consists of more than 35 MNCs with companies like Sanofi Aventis etc.


In 1989, the company capitalised on the expertise and knowledge in manufacturing tablet compression toolings to bring tablet presses. ADEPT tablet presses are remarkably sturdy and simple to use.

Special emphasis has been given to safety and durability while designing these machines. Even in case of tablet press, more than 50 per cent of the production is being exported. Currently, more than 500 ADEPT tablet presses are producing tablets across the globe.

The company is the first to develop world class multi tip toolings, animal shaped toolings, core-rod toolings, Teflon disc punches, chrome plated punches, dies with carbide sleeve, tin coating, swivel head punches, proto tabs, ‘A’ tooling, R&D turrets, polishing kits, inspection kit and storage cabinets.

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