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Walk in stability chamber by Tempo Instruments

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Tempo Instruments has launched walk in stability chamber. The features are:

  • Stability testing is an integral part of formulation development. It helps to generate information, which permits well-considered proposals to be made for the shelf life of drug substances and products and recommended storage condition. Stability data are required to be submitted as a part of the dossier submitted to the regulatory agencies for licensing approval.
  • Electrical and electronics industries for testing components and equipment.
  • Testing cement, batteries, cigarettes or any other material demanding controlled temperature and humidity.
  • Packing industries.
  • Department of botany, cytology, plant and animal breeding.

As per ICH guidelines to control following conditions:

At 25 degC : RH = 60 per cent
At 30 degC : RH = 65 per cent
At 40 degC : RH = 75 per cent


  • Double walled insulated PUF modular panels for easy assembling at site.
  • Leak proof door with full gasket and air tight mechanical lock ensures no leakage through chamber.
  • Observation window (30 x 45) for viewing sample inside the chamber.
  • The unit is provides with perforated stainless steel trays.
  • 80 mm thick best quality of polyurethane foam, CFC free and environmentally friendly are injected in to panel.
  • Air circulation: Forced air to assured maximum uniformity of temperature and humidity inside the chamber.
  • Heating system: High quality SS Tubular Heater (made of Nichrome wire sheathed in SS tube). Special arrangement of heaters avoids direct rendition on stored samples.

Humidity system

Non-condensing type steam injection system with water level switch. Humidity system provided with a low pressure boiler tank and reservoir tank dully argon welded with float valve. Low water level cut off switch ensures sufficient water level in boiler tank. DM Water is preferred. In- built stand by humidity system with auto change over facility.

Refrigeration system

20151031ep21By means of CFC Free hermitically sealed Emerson Copland make compressor for better cooling with eco-friendly refrigerant.

The cooling system is made up of split type so as one can place the compressor coupled with condenser unit in well – ventilated area and avoid hot air throw in the stability room.

In-built stand by refrigeration system with auto change over facility.

Control System

Microprocessor based PLC with 4.3” HMI (touch screen colour display, which gives the direct display of process value and set value of temperature and humidity in the chamber.

High speed ethernet-based communication.

Safety features

  • Audio visual alarms are generated for temperature/ humidity variation.
  • Incase temperature goes above 60 deg. Cutoff the dry heater, wet heater and compressor.
  • Float switch to cutoff the wet heater supply in case of low water level in the boiler tank. It also has audio and visual alarm.


  • Negligible maintenance – The sturdy design and long–lasting finish ensures minimum maintenance for years
  • Minimal heat transfer – The tongue and groove edges of all panels are molded to close tolerance ensuring tight fit between panels. This prevents condensation from forming on the foam and minimize heat transfer.
  • Quality accessories – Hardware like hinges, handles etc. on panels from best indigenous/ foreign suppliers.
  • Optional features
  • CFR 21 part 11 compliance software for PLC with RS 485 or Ethernet communication.
  • Data scanner complete with sensor.
  • SMS Mobile alert system.
  • Door access security system.

Contact Details:
Ashwin Singh
Tempo Instruments
Top Syringe Compound,
Pandurang Wadi,
Beh. Samrat Hotel,
Western Express Highway,
Mira Road (East),
Thane – 401104.

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