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Virosil Pharma: A Swiss eco-friendly disinfectant


20160531ep21Sanosil Biotech, a Mumbai based company pioneered the novel concept of eco-friendly fumigation in sterile areas completely replacing the use of carcinogenic proven formalin. The product Virosil Pharma is based on Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) with Silver ions. The combination of these two ingredients gives a synergistic broad spectrum of activity on all kinds of viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, molds, protozoa and algae. It is a clear, colourless, odourless, tasteless disinfectant which is non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, revolutionary and can be used where other chlorine based disinfectants have been feared.

Virosil Pharma is presently being used in organisations and institutions such as Pfizer, Cipla, Dabur, Ranbaxy, J&J, Abbott, Serum Institute, Dr Reddy’s, Lupin, Cadila Healthcare, Wockhardt, Biocon, AstraZeneca, etc., as a very effective fumigant and disinfectant providing an environment with microbial containment and a completely safe and sterile environment

The added benefits of Virosil Pharma is that it does not give any foul odour, irritation to the eyes, requires no de-fumigation and is very easy to handle. There are also no tears or fears for overdosing. A room of 1000 cubic feet can be ready and completely sterile within a maximum period of 60 minutes using a 20 per cent of solution of Virosil Pharma. With a recommended MicroMist ULV fogger gives a very fine mist that even penetrates between cracks of surfaces ensuring a safe and sterile environment.

Virosil is also very widely used for disinfection of surfaces, equipments, raw water, pipelines and DM plants. The formulation has been tested in various reputed institutions in Switzerland, France, Germany and Australia.

The company has great respect for human health and the environment. The CEO, Dev Gupta, a MBA from the Bentley Graduate School of Business, Boston, has been actively marketing it under the brand Virosil Pharma, nationally. “According to Gupta, Virosil Pharma has simplified the lives of so many people who work in the pharma industry as they are guaranteed sterility with the minimum risk exposure from the fumes of Formaldehyde based products” The company also offers a customised disinfection audit on its website;

Contact Details:
Dev Gupta,
CEO Sanosil Biotech
Warden House, 1st floor,
Sir PM Road, Fort,
Mumbai 400 001.
Tel:. 022 22872295,
Email: [email protected]

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