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VICAM introduces new rapid, solvent-free method for ochratoxin A detection in coffee and wheat


The Ochra-V AQUA eliminates the use of organic solvents while also significantly reducing testing time

Waters Corporation’s VICAM now offers a rapid, eco-friendly lateral flow strip test specifically for the detection of ochratoxin A in green coffee and wheat. Compared to traditional methods, the Ochra-V AQUA reduces ochratoxin A testing time by half and eliminates the use of organic solvents completely.

Traditional laboratory-based methods of ochratoxin A monitoring can take a substantial amount of time and resources to complete. The Ochra-V AQUA enables on-site monitoring that provides precise quantitative results minutes after sample extraction. This allows producers and processors the ability to quickly select safe, high quality raw materials for milling (wheat) and roasting (coffee).

“VICAM is committed to developing products that deliver significant efficiencies to our customers while also being eco-friendly,” said Marjorie Radlo-Zandi, MD, VICAM. “With Ochra-V AQUA, we are able to test for all global regulatory levels required for ochratoxin within minutes.”

The Ochra-V AQUA is the latest in a series of solvent-free testing solutions from VICAM that can be used with the Vertu lateral flow strip test reader. The Afla-V AQUA (aflatoxins), Fumo-V AQUA (fumonisin) and DON-V (vomitoxin) are also available.

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