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SHARP launches hi-tech air purifier with plasmacluster and dehumidifying function


SHARP has launched its revolutionary air purifier DW-E16FA-W that combines dehumidifying function with plasmacluster technology. The launch heralds a major drive by SHARP to help breathe clean during monsoons by reducing the moisture in indoor air and effectively controlling allergens.

With coverage area of up to 300 sq feet for air purification and 240 sq feet for dehumidification, this super-efficient device maintains the humidity levels indoors while improving the air quality for those suffering from allergies or respiratory problems. The plasmacluster technology sanitises the living space by deactivating mold, viruses, dust mite and bacteria. It even reduces static charge and neutralizes VOCs and toxic gases.

Designed for today’s health conscious generation, Sharp DW-E16FA-W is the only dehumidifier with plasmacluster ion generator with true hepa, active charcoal filter and pre filter for superior and holistic performance. This all-new approach to air purification helps combat the significant health risks during the monsoon.

The highest grade true HEPA filter removes dust, smoke and pollen up to 99.97 per cent. For bad odour and other smelly substances there is an active carbon filter embedded that freshens the room from both air and surface. In addition, the Laundry function deodorises room-dried laundry with a high concentration of plasmacluster ions.

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