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Jay Instruments & Systems launches Lab Spray Dryer

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Jay Instruments & Systems Ltd (JISL) has launched Lab Spray Dryer. Many products are preferentially used in solid form. This simplifies storage and measurement and it may be essential for the application for which the product is to be used. Spray drying is a speedy, time saving and gentle method of obtaining even the smallest quantities of substance in power form.

The very short residence times and the cooling effect-resulting from evaporation make it possible to process even temperature sensitive products in a gentle manner. If the use of organic solvents is involved, the thermal load is reduced to a minimum.

Not only does the Lab Spray Dryer make it possible to obtain power directly from a solution but many other processes can also be completed in a single stage:

  • Modification of particle size
  • Agglomeration of nanoparticles
  • Drying suspensions
  • Particle Coating
  • Immobilisation of liquids and solid materials in a matrix
  • Manufactures of microcapsules

Weather the requirement is gentle drying of natural product, dyestuffs, the isolation of highly effective pharmaceuticals active agents, or the micro encapsulation of aromas, the Lab Spray Dryer is an ideal choice for such application.

Contact Details:
M/s. Jay Instruments & Systems
E-16, Everest Building, Tardeo Road
Mumbai – 400 034
Mob: 0-9004279992
Email: [email protected]

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