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GlobalSpace Technologies introduces GloEDGE platform

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Mumbai-based GlobalSpace Technologies introduced GloEDGE platform on Windows Embedded operating system, in association with Microsoft for the Indian pharma industry. GloEDGE is an ‘Enhanced Digital & Graphics Experience’ enabling platform, which will enable pharma companies to improve the scientific information dissemination to healthcare ecosystem.

GloEDGE is one of the most evolved 360° marketing platforms which can be used as a one stop content management and analytics tool by pharma companies. It is way beyond the commonly known ‘eDetailing’ tool and will act as a strategic aid for the top management of pharma companies to manage their promotion and marketing strategies effectively and efficiently. “We are a technology solutions company in the mobility space, focusing mainly on developing integrated hardware, software and specially crafted services which aim to deliver unprecedented business gains for large scale organisations. We have been pioneering this innovation for the last three years, deploying Tablet PC-based customer interface solutions at large scale pharma companies in India,” said Krishna Singh, Founder Director, GlobalSpace Technologies.

It will enable pharma frontline sales executives to have all the relevant scientific information on their fingertips. The information deck for a specific audience has been prepared and organised in such a manner that the sales representative will be able to respond to a doctor’s query on real time basis, saving the latter’s precious time. The platform is designed to augment the capability of pharma sales representatives to perform their traditional primary role of scientific promotion of drugs, so that the physician can take a well- informed decision and customise it in the interest of a specific patient before prescribing the drug. Using Windows 8 live tile feature, the GloEDGE suite delivers excellent user experience and analytics capabilities.

“The platform has gone through numerous iterations based on real time effectiveness, utility, feasibility, feedback and simplicity of Man Machine Interface (MMI),” Siddhartha Xavier, Founder, Director GlobalSpace Technologies, further added.

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