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BOGE KOMPRESSOREN extends EO range of scroll compressors


BOGE KOMPRESSOREN has extended its EO range of scroll compressors to ensure full protection from contamination: the new EO 11 produces oil-free compressed air in the 11 kW performance segment. This means BOGE now covers the full performance range from 5.5 kW to 22 kW. The EO series is available with one to four compressor stages. Alternatively, in the upgrade-ready version, the EO 11 can be retrofitted with a third compressor stage. The EO 11 can also be ordered with an integrated or separate refrigerant compressed air dryer, mounted on a container or as a double or multiple system. Its compact design combined with operation at a minimum of 59 dB(A) means there is no problem installing the system next to the workplace.

BOGE’s eccentric oil-free (EO) compressors meet the requirements of oil-free compressed air for sensitive applications. The recipe for success here is the scroll compressor technology which operates without oil lubrication: The aluminium spirals in the compressor chamber interlock but do not touch. The resulting compressed air is pulsation-free and absolutely free of oil. In the medical sector, such as dental practices and clinics, pure compressed air protects the health of patients while preventing the contamination of highly sensitive equipment.

Up to four compressors can be installed in the housing of the compressor to ensure flexible adaptation to the compressed air demand. At 10 bar the EO series can cover delivery rates from 490 l/min to 1,960 l/min, while at 8 bar the supply of compressed air ranges from 620 l/min to 2,480 l/min. Featuring a modular design, the EO series can be ordered with an integrated or separate refrigerant compressed air dryer, mounted on a container or as a double or multiple system. Like the EO 17, the new EO 11 is available as an upgrade version. This enables the two-stage compressor to be extended to include a third compressor stage or an integrated refrigerant dryer. The system comes with the electrical system required here, thereby offering users flexible options for retrofitting. The machine features an optimised space-saving design, as EO system solutions are no wider than a standard doorway. In conjunction with its quiet operation – minimum 59 dB(A) – the compressor is perfect for installation next to a workstation.

BOGE’s control system, focus control 2.0, can regulate up to four EO scroll compressors horizontally with base load switching, thus ensuring efficient control for as many as 16 compressor units. And when maintenance is required, users benefit from unrestricted operation of the compressed air system. Durability and efficiency are backed up by a two-stage cooling concept. A primary surface cooler systematically cools down the compressed air along with an aftercooler in stainless steel. The pressure dew point for delta t is approximately 8 K.

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