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Aptar Pharma launches eDose Counter for metered dose inhalers

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20160515ep40Aptar Pharma, a global solution provider of innovative and proven aerosol, injection and spray delivery systems for biotech, healthcare and pharma products, has recently unveiled eDose Counter for metered dose inhalers (MDIs), at the RDD scientific conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

MDIs are complex systems that integrate several components such as the metering valve, the canister and the actuator. These components must be carefully designed and manufactured to ensure they work together effectively. This is particularly true for the valve and the dose counter. Aptar Pharma’s expertise and experience enables a smooth integration of all MDI components, including the dose counter.

The patented eDose Counter for MDIs has been designed to be easy-to-use and reliable, and contributes to patient compliance. The unique sensing technology offers direct detection of the spray which eliminates risks of miscounting. The sensing technology is versatile and compatible with any metering valve design. In addition, the eDose Counter for MDIs includes inhaler priming and medication reminders-to-use and end-of-product-life warnings (flashing digits) while remaining cost-effective.

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