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West introduces Verux pharma packaging components in APAC Region

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Fit-for-purpose stoppers and seals for injectable medicines provide quality packaging solutions for local pharma manufacturers

West Pharmaceutical Services, a global leader in innovative solutions for injectable drug administration, today introduced the Verux line of pharmaceutical packaging components for the Asia Pacific market. This dedicated brand of fit-for-purpose stoppers and seals for injectable drug products provides quality packaging solutions for local pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

“By leveraging West’s more than 90 years of expertise in advanced production technologies and global regulatory compliance, and our knowledge base of drug product testing, development, packaging and delivery expertise, we’re able to provide this tailored solution,” said Mike Schaefers, VP, Product Management and Marketing Operations. “Verux components offer an affordable option for customers to help ensure the medicines they make are safely and effectively delivered to patients.”

“Faced with increasing scrutiny from regulatory agencies to ensure consistent drug product quality, Asia Pacific drug manufacturers are seeking cost-effective solutions for safe, effective pharmaceutical packaging that meet regulatory requirements,” said Troy Player, VP and MD, Asia Pacific. “Packaging components play a critical role in ensuring the consistency and quality of injectable drug products. Compromised packaging can lead to a number of adverse consequences, including disruptions in production, resulting in inconsistencies in the final product that can potentially pose risk to patients.”

West’s new portfolio of Verux brand pharma packaging components is designed to offer local drug manufacturers fit-for-purpose, quality packaging components that can help reduce variation and non – conformity of end products.

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