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… moves to new location at Musashi, Japan

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Bosch Packaging Technology has moved into a new location at Musashi, near Tokyo. Since the move in late March, over 100 associates have been developing and manufacturing inspection technology for the pharma industry on premises covering 3,240 sq mt. A total of euro 1.6 million was invested in the new site. Following relocation from Honjo to the much larger Musashi site, Bosch Packaging Technology now has considerably more space at its disposal for the development and assembly of its machines. This investment in the Musashi site underscores the company’s commitment to Japan as a major market for pharma inspection technology.

“Expansion of the Bosch global centre of competence in Japan is important for our innovative strength,” said Peter Tyroller, Member of the Bosch board of management with responsibility for the Asia-Pacific region.

In the pharma industry, demand for product safety and quality – and thus also for inspection solutions – is constantly rising. “We want to build on the experience we have amassed in Japan over many decades and offer our customers technology that is ‘Invented for life’ around the world,” said Joachim Baczewski, Head of the Inspection Technology Pharma unit and General Manager of Bosch Packaging Technology in Japan.

The Inspection Technology unit was established in 2012 following the acquisition of Eisai Machinery, a Japanese company. It comprises manual, semi-automated, and fully automated inspection machines designed to identify particles in pharma products. It also includes the cosmetic inspection of containers or tablets in order to detect defects such as scratches or discoloration.

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