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Honeywell Solution helps customers overcome automation lifecycle and efficiency challenges

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LEAP for Operations will enable industrial plants to increase productivity and throughput

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) has introduced LEAP for Operations, a programme that utilises the innovative and proven LEAP project execution methodology to help customers optimise, simplify and run ongoing industrial operations more efficiently. LEAP for Operations includes a variety of solutions with a flexible deployment strategy to get more value out of plant processes. HPS made the announcement at its annual Honeywell Users Group symposium. Honeywell services the lifesciences sector.

With companies in the process industries under increasing pressure to show return on investment earlier on automation projects, they are emphasising the efficiency of operating expenses (OPEX) and their longer-term impact. Honeywell can resolve the complexities of today’s industrial operations with LEAP methodology that applies efficiency to ongoing operations through edge device integration, cloud-enabled execution, and universal and connected assets.

“LEAP for Operations helps our customers take operational intelligence to the next level,” said John Rudolph, VP and GM, HPS Projects and Automation Solutions. “This programme enables plant engineers to continue to use the LEAP principles to run their facility more efficiently, squeeze more out of the assets they have, and avoid major capital expansions. It provides a step change in productivity and throughput once an automation project is implemented.”

Honeywell is uniquely positioned to support customers throughout the entire lifecycle of an industrial facility. The company’s focussed new product development programmes have expanded its capability to address more project and operational challenges in both brownfield and greenfield applications.

Before evolving the LEAP methodology to include operations, LEAP for projects began with lean execution techniques to eliminate waste by removing repetition, rework, and redundant tasks. Honeywell revolutionised automation project execution by extending this approach through simplification with independent workflows, standardised design, and enabling engineering to be done from anywhere in the world. This keeps automation off the critical path.

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