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Gelest partners with New Mountain Capital


New Mountain will provide Gelest with significant financial and strategic resources to support future growth initiatives and better serve its customers

Gelest, a leader in customised, highly specialised organosilicon compounds, metal-organic compounds, and silicone materials, has partnered with New Mountain Capital, a growth-oriented investment firm that currently manages approximately $15 billion in assets. New Mountain is providing Gelest with significant financial and strategic resources to support future growth initiatives and better serve its customers.

Headquartered in Morrisville, PA, Gelest has been an innovator, manufacturer, and supplier to healthcare and advanced technology markets for over 25 years. Recognised by the industry for the high quality of its products and innovation, Gelest provides focussed technical development and application support to a diverse set of markets, including life sciences, medical materials, pharmaceutical synthesis, diagnostics and separation science and personal care.

In India, Gelest is represented by Gautavik International, a Mumbai-based company headed by Dr Vasanti Yadav, as the exclusive distributor of Gelest’s complete line of silane, metal-organics and silicone products for advanced technology applications in sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals, aerospace, coating, composite, adhesive and sealant, cosmetic, bioscience, dental, medical device and agricultural industries. Gautavik has well established logistics and a technically trained staff with the ability to service diverse customer requirements.

Gelest serves its customers through a materials science-driven approach, and is uniquely positioned due to its best-in-class manufacturing and synthetic formulation capabilities as well as a proprietary product portfolio. The company utilises its own state-of-the-art facilities to research, develop, manufacture, and test products in commercial and research quantities to the highest quality standards.

New Mountain, a New York-based private equity firm, identified Gelest through a proactive focus in the life sciences and speciality materials sectors.
“New Mountain is the ideal partner to help Gelest execute on its growth plans,” said Barry Arkles, President, Gelest. “New Mountain is known for its focus on business building, and Gelest will have deep resources at its disposal to help us achieve our strategic growth objectives.”

“Gelest is the high quality leader in its space, and we are excited to partner with the Gelest team to support the next phase of growth,” said Andre Moura, MD, New Mountain Capital.

Matt Holt, MD, New Mountain Capital, added, “Gelest is the leader in one of the most attractive segments of highly specialised materials. We see an opportunity to continue to build on Gelest’s leadership position through investments in new products, new capabilities, and acquisitions.”

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