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NEOMACHINE MFG CO: A leader in automatic coating technology


KOLKATA-BASED NEOMACHINE MFG CO was started in 1973 with an objective of manufacturing quality pharmaceutical machinery.

For a decade, the company catered to the requirements of the Indian pharma companies in injectable, liquid, tablet, capsule and ointment sections machinery.

While catering to this market segment, NEOMACHINE happened to come across a Kolkata-based pharmaceutical producer, who were envisaging problems in solvent-based film coating of tablets. Till then, the tablets were being coated in conventional pans, which were not only causing health hazards to the coating personnel, but was also a time consumingprocess.

During the last three decades, NEOMACHINE man- ufactured and marketed more than 600 machines, out of which 100 machines were exported to the different countries like the US, Australia, China, Jordan, Yemen, UAE, Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Brazil, Bangladesh and Bolivia, Nepal, Myanmar, Nigeria etc.

NEOMACHINE, a professionally managed organisation now has two manufacturing During the last three decades, NEOMACHINE manufactured and marketed more than 600 machines units in Kolkata, which are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like fabrication, machining, assembling, finishing and other related jobs.
The company has been strictly following all the quality control guidelines during manufacturing. The boughtout items are inspected at the manufacturers’ works periodically.

The company has a dedicated team of engineers for providing erection and commissioning and prompt aftersales service to the clients.
The in-house R&D facility is abreast with latest technology upgradation and developments in ‘coating technology. This helps in continuous improvement of the product.

NEOMACHINE also provides DQ/IQ /OQ/ documents for automatic coating system and are in the process of getting CE certification. Neomachine being a single product company manufacturing only automatic coating system for coating of Pharma Tablets, Pellets & Gems Products has gained vast experiences in latest coating technology as well as validation and qualification of coating equipment to qualify for audit of various national and international agencies. The latest models of NEOCOTA are having all the constructional features for validation and qualification. The equipment are supplied with all the necessary documents for proper validation during installation and commissioning as well as trial production.

Inspired by this opportunity, NEOMACHINE started the process of developing an Automatic Coating Machine for tablets. After, two years of research and development, the first NEOCOTA Automatic Coating System was manufactured in 1984.

Over the years, the company has gained vast experiences in manufacturing ‘Automatic Coating System’ by interacting with various Indian & multinational pharma and confectionery units based in India and abroad.

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