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Neelikon adds ICP – OES to check metallic impurities



Neelikon has added an Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP – OES) for checking metallic impurities. According to the company, it is the first Indian food colour manufacturer to install ICP – OES.

In conventional technology like AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer) it is possible to detect elements up to 1 PPB but these elements can be detected as accurately as to 0.01 PPB by ICP – OES. This means the ICP – OES is 100 times more accurate in determining metallic impurities, significantly improving Neelikon’s ability to check incoming raw materials, in-process material and finished goods.

This assures customers a much superior product performance and also allows Neelikon to meet stringent standards being set up by world –wide legislation, where minimum levels of metallic impurities are being reduced to ever – lower limits.

By conventional technology like AAS only one element can be analysed at a time whereas by ICP – OES it’s possible to detect more than 75 elements at a time. This covers all the requirements of metallic impurities specified by US – FDA / EU/ JECFA (WHO)/ Japan/ BIS as well as the newly introduced EU Directive 2009/48 for 19 trace elements.

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