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We will look to focus on India as a part of our growth and market expansion strategy

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Mumbai-based OmniActive Health Technologies is strengthening its presence in the Indian market. The company is working on developing products and technologies which will not only serve current markets and customers but also expand to new geographies and consumer bases. Sanjaya Mariwali, MD, OmniActive Health Technologies talks about the plans in detail

Tell us about the ongoing activities of OmniActive Health Technologies in India and abroad. What makes your company unique from other nutra players?

With offices and facilities located globally in India, the US, Canada and Europe, OmniActive is a global player focused on understanding the unique challenges and market needs of our partners in different geographies and their respective regulatory landscapes.

The company’s manufacturing operations are located at multiple sites in India and are cGMP and HACCP system compliant and US FDA inspected.

As an innovative player, focused on science and research, OmniActive is committed to innovating products and technologies that can not only impact our lives today but can also provide solutions to the address the emerging challenges of tomorrow. We at OmniActive, leverage international R&D strengths to deploy an array of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies in extraction, purification, isolation and delivery of nutritional actives. OmniActive has always maintained visibility and sustainability in the entire supply chain, and extend this control over all stages of the manufacturing process. To ensure traceability and, transparency while fostering sustainable practices, OmniActive produces its Lutemax range of lutein ingredients under a vertically integrated supply chain. Similarly, the paprika line is also vertically integrated for zeaxanthin.

How large is the Indian nutra market? By what percentage is it growing and where does OmniActive Health Technologies stand?

The nutra market in India is in a fairly nascent growth stage. But, all current market trends and research show that there is a tremendous potential for growth within the Indian nutraceuticals market. Currently, the market is expected to grow at 8-10 per cent upwards annually. Focused awareness building and research efforts by the industry is helping innovate and formulate products specifically for the Indian consumer and their identified needs.

Our focus is currently export based but with the growth in the India nutra industry, we will look to focus on India as a part of our growth and market expansion strategy going forward.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest traditional systems of medicine (TSMs) which is also accepted and recognised worldwide, however it has limited expertise in this arena, tell us the reason behind it?

Ayurveda is definitely one of the oldest and accepted traditional systems of medicine globally. To help the benefits of Ayurveda reach a wider base, the focus needs to be on applying modern technology and research to innovate products for today’s consumers.

This is where probably the growth curve has been slower for Ayurveda, however the trends are very encouraging. With a more aware consumer base who is demanding modern solutions using traditional knowledge, manufacturers are also re-discovering the benefits and science that Ayurveda offers. Through applying innovative technologies and delivery formats they are able to formulate products using this traditional knowledge.

Give us an information about your products and their USPs. Were clinical trials conducted on these products and where?

OmniActive develops IP-protected, science-backed branded ingredients from natural sources using cutting edge technologies.

Core products in our portfolio include carotenoids, plant extracts and speciality functional natural ingredients.

We offer the most comprehensive line of macular carotenoids through our Lutemax brand of free lutein, Lutein Esters and Lutemax 2020  and OmniXan range of Zeaxanthin brands. Other key innovative ingredients include Capsimax, a concentrated natural capsicum in a controlled-release beadlet; CurcuWin, our highly bioavailable turmeric powder product; Gingever Ginger product and OmniLean Salacia product.

Substantiation through clinical studies is a key part of our R&D initiatives. Clinical studies provide us unique science-backed claims to expand consumer offerings across our range of branded ingredients.

How many scientists are associated with your company? Which in-house technologies have you developed?

With research at the core of what we do, we have a large and accomplished team of around 45 scientists working across our three R&D locations. This includes expertise in key areas like formulation and analytical science and food technologists along with dedicated teams working on our clinical and regulatory programmes.

Our innovative technologies include the OmniBead Beadlet Technology and UltraSOL Nutrient Delivery System that help solve some of the greatest challenges that supplement manufacturers face.

OmniBead Beadlet Technology is a ‘smart’ coating system that provides a solution where organoleptic characteristics or stability of nutrients present challenges, allowing them to be incorporated into a larger variety of applications and finished products.

Presently, you have global offices in the US, Canada and Europe. Do you plan to venture into new markets and segments?

As a growing company, in a very interesting industry, we are definitely looking at expanding into new markets and health segments. Our R&D and innovation initiatives are continuously working on developing products and technologies which help us not only serve our current markets and customers but also expand to new geographies and consumer bases.

You have recently acquired Bengaluru-based health and nutrition active natural ingredients firm Indfrag. Tell us more about the acquisition?

In January 2017, OmniActive had acquired Bangalore- based leading health and nutrition active natural ingredients player Indfrag Ltd (Indfrag). This acquisition is in line with OmniActive’s programme to create global partnerships which help expand the portfolio of high quality authenticated ingredients for the dietary supplement and functional food industries.

Indfrag holds a leadership position in standardised plant extracts and with their strong footprint at the source, they have developed a large library of botanicals. This will help provide a strong foundation for launching products that complement OmniActive’s innovation platform in meeting emerging industry and consumer needs.

How are you going to utilise the funds received from Everstone Group?

As a strategy to grow inorganically, we had raised funds from the Everstone Group. The funds were utilised as a part of our acquisition of Indfrag Ltd earlier this year.

Frost and Sullivan has recently recognised OmniActive Health Technologies for 2017 North American Product Leadership. Tell us more about the recognition.

Based on its recent analysis of the eye health ingredient market, Frost & Sullivan recognised OmniActive Health Technologies with the 2017 North American Product Leadership Award.

It is an honour to receive this award for our unique Lutemax 2020 product.

OmniActive’s strong R&D culture, vertically integrated manufacturing, and quality control systems (cGMP and HACCP systems) in all of its FDA CFR110 cGMP audited facilities, has positioned the company as a market leader with Lutemax 2020. This is a unique eye health ingredient that has demonstrated efficacy and safety through extensive clinical trials and university partnerships and this has been reaffirmed by this recognition provided to us.

Tell us about the corporate plans of your company and how are you achieving them?

OmniActive is going to focus on its growth strategy, and maintaining double digit growth figures going forward also. Innovation in products and technologies will be a focus to expand market and segments of interest. As a strategy we will focus both on organic and inorganic growth to maintain our leadership position in the industry.

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