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‘We do not envisage launch of Fertin’s own brand’

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Fertin India, a fully-owned subsidiary of Denmark-based Fertin Pharma, is soon going to start operations at its Goa plant. S Ravi Kumar, Managing Director and CEO, Fertin India, reveals more to Sachin Jagdale

How effective will the nicotine-based chewing gum be as it still has nicotine in it?

20151115ep05This is a product invented almost 25 years ago and in use worldwide by many multi-national companies as a pharma product with all regulatory approvals.

You have adopted a B2B model. Who are your business partners? Will this model suit the Indian market (as the leaders in this category have their own brands)? If yes, how?

Business partners are under discussion and we will let you know when finalised. This model has been found to be effective for us globally for almost 25 years now. In our discussions with potential partners for India also, this model has a very positive response.

Are there any chances that your B2B partners from Denmark would shift to an Indian manufacturing plant?

Our current MNC partners to whom supplies are being made from Denmark for the European, Australian and the US markets are also evaluating their entry into the Indian and South East Asian markets and supply for these markets will be from Fertin India, Goa. However, supplies to other markets will continue as currently from our Denmark plant.

Is there any possibility of Fertin Pharma launching its own brand in future? What are the challenges in doing so?

We have sold our brands in Europe about 12 years ago and see ourselves as a B2B manufacturer. We do not envisage launch of Fertin’s own brand, but a co-owned brand could be explored and / or as part of a JV with suitable partners.

Fertin Pharma will soon inaugurate its Goa plant. How much have you invested in the same? What is its capacity?

Our current investment is Rs 30 crores and total capacity of the plant is 300 metric tonnes per year.

Which will be the export markets for the Goa plant?

South East Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Latin America.

As India is the cost sensitive market, have you set any condition for your B2B partners regarding the final price of the product?

We aim to provide the market with products developed and manufactured with Fertin’s renowned world-quality at a competitive value pricing.

What percentage of revenue rise is expected for Fertin India with the launch of Goa plant?

We aim to reach 95 per cent plant capacity and take market leadership in less than five years.

Besides nicotine based chewing gums do you have plans to launch any other medicated chewing gums in India?

Yes, nutraceutical bi-layered chewing gums have been of major interest to various partners and discussions are ongoing. Fertin has patented compressed technology, bi-layered nutraceutical gums in oral care ( teeth whitening, sensitive teeth etc) , energy, weight management, multi vitamin and many other categories which are under development. Apart from these, in the core pharma segment, we aim for many therapeutic categories where buccal absorption plays a key role and which could be incorporated in a chewing gum format. Many concepts are under development and will be discussed with potential partners for commercialisation.

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