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National conference on ‘Drug Discovery and Drug Targeting in Metabolic Diseases’ concludes in Mumbai

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Over 120 participants took part in the event


Usha SharmaMumbai

With an aim to provide better understanding about the pharmaceutical industry’s fundamental procedures and updates to academia about the current changes, Dr Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy recently organised a two-day national conference on ‘Drug Discovery and Drug Targeting in Metabolic Diseases’ in Mumbai.

The chief guest for the event was Dr Nilima Kshirsagar, Dean ESI PGIMSR MGM Hospital and Dr Ritabelle Fernandes, Assistant Professor, Department of Geriatric Medicine, University of Hawaii was the guest of honour. There were more than 120 registered participants for the event. Besides, there were 16 oral presentations and 99 poster presentation.

Dr Parthasarthi Gurumurthey, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, JSS, University, Mysore, Dr PV Bharatam, Professor, Med Chem Division, NIPER, Mohali, Dr M S Nagarsenkar, Professor, Bombay College of Pharmacy, Dr Mariam Degani, Professor, ICT, Mumbai, Dr Krishan Kalliappan, Professor, IIT, Mumbai were the speakers.

The symposium started with a speech by Yergeri. Kshirsagar spoke about the challenges faced by the industry. She also shared various incidences and case studies on different molecules and mentioned how her institute become a recognised institute and the steps they undertook to get a clearance from the local municipal corporation.

Kshirsagar explained the difference between ‘similar’ and ‘same’ and its relevance in the drug delivery process. “There is a big gap between what is available and what is need. For eg Under the National Rural Health Management (NHRM) scheme we have huge medicines stock for malaria and many more diseases but unfortunately there are limited drugs for the treatment of hypertension and diabetes,” informed Kshirsagar.

Fernandes shared her project’s works for the geriatric group. Parthasarthi, gave an overview of the clinical trial industry.

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