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Veeda CRO celebrates 13th anniversary

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The company has served its clients with best quality services

Veeda Clinical Research is celebrating its 13th anniversary. Veeda Clinical Research boasts of well-designed, world class, custom-built and regulatory compliant clinical research infrastructure to facilitate quality conduct of research. It is spread over a total floor area of approximately 167,000 sq ft, divided to cover the clinical units (88,000 sq ft approximately), bio-analytical laboratory area (38,000 sq ft approximately), volunteer screening area, volunteer information centres and external archives. Veeda have 352 numbers of beds and 46 number of LC/MS/MS apart from other equipment like ICP-OES.

“The quality of our services has been our first priority since the beginning. The consistency of our quality has been entirely to the dedication of the Veedaites. It is through practicing our core values of humility, honesty and integrity, openness, innovation and nurturing individual growth has allowed us meet and understand exceed our customers’ expectations,” said Binoy Gardi, MD and Founder, Veeda CRO.

“Veeda CRO would not make a successful story without its clients. We are proud and thankfull for having their confidence and being part of their research programme. We are privileged to have worked with our clients over the last 13 years on executing almost 2240 BABE studies, 24 clinical trials, 30 first to file studies, contracting more than 125 sites, recruiting more than 900 patients in various therapeutic areas and as a result our organisation continues to go from strength to strength. We look forward to continuing our relationship and growing together,” added Apurva Shah, MD and Founder, Veeda CRO.

“We continue our development path as a full service CRO that aligns execution excellence and technology capabilities of a large scale organisation with the agility of a 1000 employees company,” continued Nirmal Bhatia, CFO, Veeda CRO.

Veeda has an exemplary regulatory track record of completing 28 USFDA, 5 ANVISA, 4 WHO, 3 MHRA, 1 AGES, 1 ANSM, 1 MCC, 11 DCGI audits successfully till date. Veeda has been awarded 13 times for its excellence in quality services. Veeda has been recognised as ‘Best Clinical Research Company in India’ by Frost & Sullivan.

“The world is changing rapidly, so does the clinical research industry. We are uniquely positioned to engage in the most challenging research projects. We have seen significant growth and success. Today, we have a solid team of clinical research professionals that allows us to provide a full complement of services to benefit our customers Whilst we are satisfied with our achievements to date, we also believe the best for Veeda CRO is still yet to come. We would be happy to have our clients celebrating with us this and many more anniversaries. We look forward to continuing our growth in the CRO business, where a long legacy of service performance is important,” summarised Venu Madhav COO, Veeda CRO.

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