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NGPDT Global launches photodynamic cancer therapy in India

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The treatment will soon be available for the Indian patients

NGPDT Global has launched Next Generation PDT, a safe and minimally invasive therapeutic modality to treat early and advanced cancer to the medical community, in Hyderabad. The founder of NGPDT, Dr Scott Waters, revealed the treatment currently available in China, which will be soon available in India.

Next Generation PDT, a form of photodynamic therapy (PDT), has been researched and developed by a team of professionals, research scientists and physicians. It is a type of treatment which uses light to destroy cancer tissue. The company has developed an effective photosensitiser for use in PDT, which will utilise its innovative and proprietary ‘whole body light delivery system’ and ‘near infrared lasers’ to treat cancer.

According to Waters, the latest NGPDT (sixth generation agents) with near infra red (NIR) peaks of absorption and NIR light therapy allows more effective whole body systemic treatment as well as treatment of deeply seated tumours’ (lung, liver, brain, peritoneal). NGPDT is an effective ‘Next Generation PDT” photosensitiser agent activated by ‘state-of-the-art’ specifically designed full-body LED light bed and laser light systems.

Explaining the treatment approach, experts said that NGPDT patients are given an oral photosensitising agent. This agent selectively collects cancer tissue, and when exposed to light, becomes activated, releasing a highly energised, free radical form of oxygen known as singlet oxygen. According to the experts that offer this program in China said Singlet oxygen destroys cancer cells from the inside out, while leaving normal tissues largely unaffected.

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