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Mrida Greens expands its plant extracts business


Adds 5 more aqua-based nutrient extracts to its existing aloe vera products

Mrida Greens & Organics, a Mrida Group entity that supports cultivation and collection of high value crops, plants and herbs, announced expansion of its product portfolio to include five more herbal extracts to its existing aloe vera extracts.

At its facility in Umbergaon, Gujarat, Mrida Greens and Organics has been processing aloe vera dry extract and selling it to neutraceutical and ayurveda companies. The company has developed five more herbal extracts for its customer base – these include Noni, Vijaysar, Shtavari, Amla and Shankhapushpi extracts.

Aloe vera promotes stomach and liver health, encourages digestive benefits, sustains healthy immune function and offers a daily infusion of key nutrients.


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