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METTLER TOLEDO Thornton announces RMS for pharmaceutical waters

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The on-line 7000RMS delivers continuous measurement of microbes and inert particles in real time

METTLER TOLEDO Thornton, a supplier of on-line analytical instruments for monitoring purified waters announced the introduction of its 7000 Real-time Microbial System (RMS) analyzer for real-time, continuous measurement of bioburden in the pharma industry.

Determining microbial contamination has almost entirely relied on laboratory measurement of cultures. The time taken to grow cultures, and the multiple testing of points-of-use, results in many days of delay in identifying microbial excursions.

James Cannon, Thornton’s Pharma Market Manager commented, “This technology will be invaluable in assisting pharma companies validate water systems in real time, reduce off-line sampling costs and help eliminate false-positive tests”, said.

The 7000RMS provides continuous analysis of microbial and inert particle contamination wherever required in a water system or at point-of-use. The compact unit not only provides real-time assessment of water loop bioburden levels, it lowers labor costs via reduced sampling and testing, reduces energy use through better management of sanitisation cycles, and leads to increased process understanding and product safety.

Unlike other modern techniques for measuring microbes in water, the laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) technology employed in the 7000RMS does not require time-consuming staining or use of reagents. The implementation of LIF in the analyzer, in conjunction with Mie scattering detection and advanced software algorithms, allows the simultaneous measurement of particle numbers and determination of whether particles are microbes or inert material.

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