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DuPont Nutrition & Health helps to reduce health risks for overweight consumers


New findings from clinical study show link between metabolic health benefits of HOWARU shape and gut microbiome

DuPont Nutrition & Health has released new findings from a clinical study of a synbiotic dietary supplement that gives hope to overweight consumers at risk of health complications. Combining the benefits of a proven probiotic with a prebiotic fibre, HOWARU Shape has proven potential to improve metabolic health while supporting weight loss.

d1aIn a previously published clinical study, a trial group that received HOWARU Shape had 4.5 per cent less total body fat and 6.7 per cent less trunk fat than those who received a placebo supplement. The improvement in lean body mass was still evident one month after the end of the trial.

New findings from this study published in Beneficial Microbes found a beneficial impact on the gut microbiota in individuals who consumed HOWARU Shape daily over six months. Modifications to the gut microbiota that resulted from probiotic consumption included a greater abundance of the bacterial species Akkermansia muciniphila, which is associated with improved metabolic health.

do1Megan DeStefano, Global Marketing Manager, Probiotics, DuPont Nutrition & Health welcomes the latest findings, which build on more than a decade of scientific research.

“The favourable change in gut microbiota is positive for overweight individuals struggling with metabolic disorders, such as leaky gut and type 2 diabetes. In particular, Akkermansia is associated with improved gut barrier function and glucose tolerance. We also have observed a reduction in circulating inflammatory markers which supports heart, kidney and respiratory health.”

do2The study followed 225 overweight but otherwise healthy subjects who consumed a powder supplement mixed into a smoothie once a day for six months. The supplement contained a placebo, the probiotic culture B420, the prebiotic fiber Litesse Ultra, or HOWARU Shape, which is a synbiotic combination of B420 and Litesse Ultra. Regular diet and exercise habits were otherwise maintained.

do3While consumption of B420 alone did have a positive impact on the gut microbiota, the beneficial effect was even more pronounced when B420 was combined with Litesse Ultra in HOWARU Shape.

do4“Previously published results from this study showed that consumption of B420 alone or in combination with Litesse Ultra controlled body fat mass gain and improved obesity-related markers in overweight and obese adults. New results from this study suggest that changes in the gut microbiota and its metabolism may be the link to the clinical benefits we have observed,” Ashley Hibberd, Senior Scientist, DuPont Nutrition & Health said.

do5Available in capsule or sachet format, HOWARU Shape is the newest addition to the HOWARU Premium Probiotics range of proven health-enhancing bacteria strains. Their stability is well documented in dietary supplements as well as in food.

Today, the scientific journal Beneficial Microbes published the latest results from the study, entitled, “Probiotic or synbiotic alters the gut microbiota and metabolism in a randomized controlled trial of weight management in overweight adults.”

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