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Cadila Pharmaceuticals plants 2000 saplings to celebrate ‘World Environment Day’


2000 saplings were planted at facilities located in Jammu, Bhat, Kadi, Hirapur, Dholka and Ankleshwar

Cadila Pharmaceuticals commemorated ‘World Environment Day’ 2017 in a unique way. The company conducted a number of activities to conserve natural resources that are fast depleting, in accordance with United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) theme of ‘Connect with Nature’.

cadila-1On June 5, a tree plantation drive at DK Shah High School, Transad village near Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ Dholka Plant was organised. In order to connect employees with nature, employees of Cadila Pharma planted about 2000 saplings at Jammu, Bhat, Kadi, Hirapur, Dholka and Ankleshwar facilities of the company and gave a message to the society to protect environment and conserve biodiversity for their children and the generations to come.

On the occasion, all the employees took an oath to commit themselves to save the environment through conscious and careful consumption in their day today lives.

Through such activities, the company intends to drive home the point and motivate employees to be a responsible citizen. Just a simple conscious act by each individual at Cadila Pharmaceuticals, will contribute in doing their bit for the environment and thereby saving on trees, water and reducing CO2 emissions as an efforts to combat global warming.

Dr Rajiv Modi, CMD, Cadila Pharmaceuticals said, “Cadila Pharmaceuticals is committed towards inclusive and sustainable growth. Under the aegis of Kaka-Ba and Kala Budh Public Charitable Trust, we use a holistic model of development and undertake a number of CSR activities in the larger interest of the community, especially in the area of health, education, women empowerment, childcare and environment apart from supporting a few other ‘NOT for Profit’ efforts. Cadila Pharmaceuticals will continue to support more such CSR initiatives.”

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