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Biocon Academy introduces Experiential Learning Program in ‘Quality Control Analytical’

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Under the program, subject matter experts from Biocon and M S Ramaiah College’s faculty will impart real world insights and hands on residential training at Thermo Fisher Centre of Excellence at IIT Mumbai

Biocon Academy, a CSR arm of Biocon, has announced the introduction of a new eight-week full time certificate program in Quality Control Analytical (QCA) in collaboration with M S Ramaiah College of Arts, Science, and Commerce, Bangalore. This exclusive program is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of aspiring chemistry and biochemistry postgraduates. This unique collaboration between Biocon and M S Ramaiah envisions to accelerate learning in the fast growing field of Quality Control Analytical and Regulatory Sciences in pharma and biopharma sector.

According to a press release issued by Biocon, the program offers experiential learning at Biocon in the areas of quality control and quality assurance at the state of the art Biocon labs using sophisticated analytical instrumentation. The program will impart training on the working of analytical instruments combined with operational, application and regulatory know how related to QC and QA. It will also provide practical experience into the basic principles of troubleshooting. The eight-week intensive program curriculum will be delivered by the faculty of M S Ramaiah and Biocon Academy. The program has an additional special module under which a week-long residential hands-on training will be provided to the students at the ‘Centre of Excellence’ established by Thermo Fisher at IIT Mumbai Campus.

“Biocon Ramaiah Certificate Program in Quality Control Analytical will develop high quality talent to be employed by leading pharma and biopharma companies. The Academy will also offer 100% placement assistance for this program,” the press release stated.

Commenting on the launch of the new program, Bindu Ajit, Program Director of Biocon Academy said, “We are pleased to announce the launch of Biocon Ramaiah Certificate Program in Quality Control Analytical. This is our fifth program which provides a golden opportunity for chemistry and biochemistry students to upgrade their skill in the Quality Control Analytical domain. We are delighted to partner with Thermo Fisher and M S Ramaiah. To ensure holistic approach, the students will get an opportunity to have hands-on training at Thermo Fisher’s Centre of Excellence in IIT Mumbai to give them an industry perspective associated with analytical instrumentation. Many industries are looking forward to see this program as a great value to hire students and we hope the students make the best use of the expertise this unique program offers.”

“Biocon Academy is doing an exceptional job through its various flagship programs in association with several prestigious academic institutes and running them successfully. MSRCASC has been serving student community for 25 years and we are privileged to be the education partner with Biocon Academy for the proposed QCA certificate program. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with the academy in the preparation of student’s industry readiness and on their further career prospects,” said Dr Nagagireesh Bojanala Research Head & the Dean of Sciences, Ramaiah College of Arts, Science & Commerce (RCASC).

Jitendra Parmar General Manager, Marketing Thermo Fisher said, “Today the biopharma industry is in constant need of cutting-edge technologies and staffs equipped to operate these advanced instruments. Our partnership with the Biocon Academy through the collaborative centre of excellence at IITB-Monash, Mumbai will offer experiential hands-on training to fresh graduates and postgraduates which will strengthen the mutual support we enjoy with our customers.”

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