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ACG develops modular customizable solutions traceability needs

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ACG is the only market-ready Track & Trace solutions provider in the world with L1 to L5 solutions capabilities that comply with the Indian regulations

ACG, the leading global supplier of integrated manufacturing solutions for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies, has developed modular customizable solutions from line-to-repository levels through its track & trace business.

ACG Inspection’s Verishield offers Level 1 to Level 5 solutions that include;

Level 5: Data Reporting to Government portals and Supply Chain Partners

ACG Inspection’s solutions can support (a) country-specific data reporting functionality to the government portals and (b) sharing information between supply chain partners.

Level 4: Enterprise data management solution

ACG Inspection’s solutions can host enterprise server on the cloud platform for multiple Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) plants, CMOs, and warehouses, who perform master data and production data management for global track & trace regulations.

Level 3: Plant solution, CMO solution and Advanced warehousing

ACG Inspection’s solutions can perform plant data management functionalities with master data management, production data management, line and batch management with ERP and LDAP integration to supporting all line level production activities for global track & trace regulations.

Level 2: Line Level Serialization and Aggregation Machines

ACG Inspection can provide line level solutions supporting global track & trace regulations with product-wise number management through production orders-based workflow support. ACG Inspection can also help in executing serialization and aggregation functionalities for multiple packaging levels.

Level 1: Unit Level Devices

ACG Inspection’s solutions are equipped with devices and sensors for performing actions and manipulating the physical processes on the production lines. These devices include sensors and actuators in the machines.

Ettore Cucchetti, CEO-ACG Inspection, said, “ACG Inspection has been a Track & Trace platforms provider for pharma manufacturers for over a decade, offering end-to-end tailored frugal engineering solutions. Our implementation experience spans the entire globe with serialization modular plugins delivered to over 2000+ lines across the world. We are totally equipped for DGFT requirements and are proud to be 5-step ahead having developed a simple to customize T&T hardware and software building-blocks.”

ACG is a member of GS1 (Global Standards One), which is a not-for-profit organization that develops and maintains global standards for business communication. GS1 plays an important role in global pharmaceutical track and trace regulations. ACG Inspection is also a member of Open Serialization Communication Standard group (Open SCS), which is a dedicated group of vendors and pharmaceutical manufacturers that have come together to standardize the packaging line serialization and aggregation data exchanges.

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