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Elgi’s oil-free, fuel-efficient compressed air powers the pharma industry


Exhibits state-of-the art air compressor range at the 9th edition of Pharmac India 2018

Elgi Equipments, a leading air-compressor manufacturers displayed its state-of-the-art range of air-compressors at stall number A 05 at the 9th Edition of Pharmac India 2018. The exhibition, witnessed over 150 exhibitors and over 5,500 visitors from the pharmaceutical industry.

The compressed air used in pharma manufacturing must be free of microbial contamination and oil in micronising operations. In some applications pure oxygen or nitrogen may be required and the moisture content of the air should be below a specified level, such as 50 ppm. Elgi offers a wide range of air compressors to address these requirements. This includes lubricated compressors with a combination of driers and filters, as well as oil-free compressors (up to 2500 cfm). ELGi’s oil free screw compressors offer oil-free air that adhere to the ISO 8573 Class ‘0’ certification, a  wide operating temperature range (-5 deg to +50 deg Celsius) and a quicker return on investment with increased reliability and energy efficiency across pharma installations.

Ramesh Ponnuswami, Executive Director, ELGi Equipments says, “In India, there is a growing focus on the quality standards in the pharma and healthcare industry. Compressed air is used in the production of many healthcare industry products and also the delivery of healthcare to patients. At ELGi, our core focus is to create world-class products that will ensure high efficiency and eliminate air contamination completely. Some of the world’s leading pharma companies are our customers today and this stands testimonial to our innovation and focus on building highly energy efficient compressors, the best in the world.”

In 2013, ELGi acquired Pattons, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pattons Medical, a division of Pattons is primarily engaged in the business of producing high quality medical air products which include compressors, vacuum systems, pipelines and the control elements, used in hospitals to deliver high quality air and gas to patients. ELGi is currently the number 2 player in the US in the medical air market.

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