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The Smart Way to Stop Wasting Time and Get the Right Answers- Agilent 5800 ICP-OES spectrometer

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Smart tools to prevent time-wasting instrument downtime and sample remeasurement. The Agilent 5800 ICP-OES have an ecosystem of embedded sensors—powerful processors with smart algorithms and diagnostics designed to automate troubleshooting, preempt maintenance, and identify problems that could impact your results

  • Smart software tools to provide insight about your samples to get the right answer the first time
  • Instrument health diagnosis tools and proactive maintenance alerts avoid downtime
  • Able to use 99.99% purity argon to reduce argon costs
  • Two configurations: Vertical torch with dual view, and vertical torch with radial view
  • Smallest footprint of any ICP-OES

Learn more about your samples: The IntelliQuant software function provides information about the elements in your sample and how best to measure those you are targeting. The standard Agilent IntelliQuant semiquantitative analysis tool that is included in the base ICP Expert software gives users extra insight into their samples by collecting and interpreting full-spectrum measurements, with minimal user input . It will:

  • Identify up to 70 elements in a sample, with a periodic table heat map showing the relative concentrations of each (For Details Download Paper)
  • Identify spectral interferences and recommend the best analytical wavelength to use, using a star-ranking system (refer to lower image on right) to guide you in selecting the best analytical wavelength
  • Allow you to spot sample preparation mistakes such as adding the wrong acid or none at all
  • Flag outlying results, so you can quickly find the results that need to be reviewed IntelliQuant is like having an experienced analyst inside your instrument

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