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Understanding serialisation challenges: Flexibility matches with performances


20171215ep68ACE technologies offers SEA Vision’s complete Track & Trace solution, whose major benefit relies on the architecture of the solution itself. Thanks to its modular and configurable structure, built and designed on best practice, this is the most flexible and reliable solution on the market to face up actual Track and Trace challenges. The complete software suite covers from level 1 to level 3 and is composed namely: Site Server, HMI Supervisor, Vision systems for serialisation and aggregation. The complete software suite covers from level 1 to level 3 and is composed namely: Site Server, HMI Supervisor, Vision systems for serialisation and aggregation. This solutions – at a software level – can be fully configured in order to match initial client needs and can be upgraded in the future at any time in order to comply with any future regulation or customer expansion.

Site server

It’s a system based on Windows Server and integrated with SQL database. This architecture consists of multiple modules that allow the Server to communicate with:

  • IT systems along the Enterprise Level (Level 4) including ERP, regulatory agencies, L4 corporate repository
  • Line Level vision systems installed on the packaging line (Level 2)

Functionalities extension, low validation impact

Aiming at granting the maximum system scalability, additional new licenses can be added in time, in order to: support new T&T markets, be compliant with serialisation regulations; add new features not foreseen in the initial project. Each added licence has no impact on the Server core in terms of validation processes, since the documentation update affects only the new functionality.

One server, cross-efficiency

The site server allows the communication towards all Level 4 players (Serial Numbers Providers and/ or governmental Agencies) and Level 2 vision systems on the packaging lines. It is the unique repository, monitoring and coordinating all serialisation and aggregation events across the mentioned levels. Being a centralised platform, it facilitates data redundancy and backup activities for safer processes.

Moreover data exchange between the site server and vision systems occurs only during the batch start/ end, granting an independent management of all serialisation data during the production processes.


Serial numbers provisioning/ Autogeneration, managing complexity

Site server is responsible for the provisioning or auto generation of unique random serial numbers (and for their posting to Level 4), in order to help Brand owners and CMOs to face serialization and aggregation compliance in a safe and flexible way.

Line manager

All the systems installed on the line can be managed by a single centralised client provided with a user-friendly touch screen-interface, that could be located next to the packaging line: SEA Vision Line Manager provides an overall view on the whole line status and on the current batch parameters. SEA Vision Line Manager is a SCADA Client providing several functions to execute easily the main operations on the packaging line.

Serialisation vision systems

Developed by SEA Vision, the serialisation vision systems to be equipped on print and check machines is able to manage Level 1 devices, thus performing the physical inspection of codes printed on serialised cartons/ bottles.

Aggregation vision systems

Thanks to a long-time experience integration on automatic and semi-automatic machines, SEA Vision has developed a system able to inspect the codes cartons in the case and build the parent-child aggregation covering all the aggregation levels.

Since 2012 SEA Vision has successfully deployed over 350 pharma serialisation lines worldwide, over 70 per cent of them including full aggregation, with less than three months average delivery time.

If you would like to discover, how we can help you on your serialisation journey, contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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