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Fusion Health Care launches favipiravir for COVID-19 treatment

The drug to be marketed under brand name, XARAVIR

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Fusion Health Care, a pharma company based at Hyderabad, has announced the launch of its favipiravir drug under the brand name XARAVIR, for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 cases.

“It gives us immense satisfaction to launch ‘XARAVIR’ as this drug has the potential to save precious lives. We have launched the product at an affordable price and strive to make it available in sufficient quantities to meet the high demand for the drug in the Indian market,” said Madhu Ramadugu, MD.

Fusion Health Care’s products include SCORBIX (Vitamin C 1.5 g Injection), DIFIDOX (Doxycycline Injection 100 mg) for treating dengue, malaria and fever of unknown origin, STAPHONEX (Flucloxacillin Injection 1 g/500 mg), ISEP (Isepamicin Injection 200/400 mg) etc.

The company also has its own 24-hour helpline “Fusion Cares” to enhance the access to its products including XARAVIR.

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